Immersive and interactive 3D reconstructions of the libraries and socio-collaborative digital annotations for physical books

The recent reports issued by the Central University Libraries show a constant decrease in the number of users. The reasons are demographic, the decreasing number of students but also the reorientation of the users towards the on-line environment. Cyber-Physical Library aims (i) to consolidate the educational role of the libraries and (ii) to raise the attractiveness of these institutions through:

  1. Interactive 3D virtual multi-user reconstructions for the buildings of the above mentioned Central University Libraries. This facility will offer the possibility to make virtual tours in order to promote the buildings’ patrimony, and the possibility of on-line broadcast, with interactive function, of the events that take place in the library (symposiums, conferences, book launch).
  2. Mobile application (socio-collaborative digital annotations). By scanning or identifying the ISBN, the app will allow the reader to add comments that are scanned with the mobile phone. The annotations can be both in a text format and multimedia links. The app will also provide an option for distribution of annotations on social networks so that the users can create their own virtual socio-collaborative library.