• 55 samples were taken from BCU during the year 2019. These samples are mostly from hand-written documents (45), but there are also samples taken from documents made on industrial paper at the beginning of the 19th century (10). The distribution by centuries of all the evidence is as follows: 11 evidence from the sixteenth century, 26 evidence from the seventeenth century, 25 evidence from the eighteenth century and 18 evidence from the nineteenth century.
  • The samples were analyzed by non-destructive methods, such as UV-Vis, fluorescence or FTIR and NIR spectrometry, but also by SEM microscopy or determinations of pH values.
  • The analyzes performed for all these samples were uploaded to the database created by the ICI partner. The database contains the analyzes for all the samples received so far, with the possibility of selecting documents by period, by name, visualization of the results, etc.
  • Several methods for cleaning and preserving the inscriptions on cellulose support (paper) and on collagen support (parchment) were investigated.
  • The most valuable results have been proposed for patenting (two applications submitted). The results that do not affect the patenting process were the subject of four ISI articles (one published and three others accepted for publication). In total, there are five published or accepted articles, having already achieved all the deliverables assumed during the whole project.
  • The correlation document regarding of the analysis results with the age and origin of the documents;
  • Functional database, with the possibility of querying and providing data depending on the type of analysis introduced;
  • All articles realized in present moment
  • Patent application;
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