• The initial prototype of interactive 3D Media was developed, with the following basic functions:
  • Partial virtual space with part of 3D modeled and textured buildings (results from 3D reconstruction)
  • Running on all target devices: PC, web browser, VR (HTC Vive) and mobile (Android)
  • Connecting a large number of users simultaneously: MMO technology (massive multiplayer online), hundreds even thousands of users can be connected simultaneously, depending on the capacity of the server.
  • Basic interactions: 3D visualization, configurable avatar, moving the avatar through the scene, opening doors, quests, virtual guides
  • A fost dezvoltat  prototipul inițial al Sistemului de adnotări digitale pe cărți fizice, disponibil ca aplicație pe platforma mobila (Android) și oferind toate funcțiile de baza stabilite.
  • New scientific articles have been elaborated, reaching a total of 8, of which 7 ISI, on the first 2 stages.
  • Initial prototype of interactive, functional 3D environments (executable + instructions / description) functional (executable + instructions / description)
  • Initial prototype of the digital annotation system, functional (executable + instructions / description) functional (executable + instructions / description)
  • All articles realized in present moment
Title. Authors. Conf/Journal Status
A review of methods used for revitalizing books and reading experience,
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Virtual museums – technologies, opportunities and perspectives
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LibQuest – Revitalize Libraries and Reading Through Gamification
Maria Anca Băluțoiu, Alexandru Grădinaru, Alin Moldoveanu, Florica Moldoveanu, Anca Morar, Ana-Karina Nazare, Mireille Rădoi
15th International Scientific Conference on eLearning and Software for Education (eLSE) – New Technologies and Redesigning Learning Spaces, vol I, pg. 173-180, ISSN: 2066-026X, DOI: 10.12753/2066-026X-19-023, ISI: WOS:000473322400023
Emergent Technologies to Enrich Reading Outcomes through Augmented Reality,
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