• An initial functional prototype of the SmartSearch platform was developed which includes:
  • The web portal
  • Preprocessing of documents
  • Indexing and document search with Elasticsearch
  • Recommendation mechanisms
  • Inference of the category of a document
  • A comprehensive ontology was defined, in which 3 main areas were detailed, namely "Linguistics, Philology", "Philosophy, Psychology" and "Literature"
  • New scientific articles have been elaborated, reaching a total of 9.
  • A definite ontology that integrates 3 main domains
  • Functional prototype (description, code repository) (descriere, repository cod)
  • All articles realized in present moment
Title. Authors. Conf/Journal Status
Technology Model to Support the Initiation of Innovation Artefacts
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Ontologies – Facilitators for Curriculum Design in Centers of Excellence for Engineering Education
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ARVEE – An Innovative Application based on Virtual Reality for Immersive Education
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Reconstructing Scanned Documents for Full-text Indexing to Empower Digital Library Services
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Prediction of Newcomer Integration in Online Knowledge Building Communities using Time Series Analyses
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Leveraging High-Tech Users’ Behaviour via Virtual Conversational Agents: the Recruitment Chatbot
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Comprehensive Exploration of Game Reviews Extraction and Opinion Mining using NLP Techniques
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Modeling Collaboration in Online Conversations using Time Series Analysis and Dialogism
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Analysis of Trends in Online Romanian News using Semantic Models
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